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AlemFre PinkHouse Cancer Foundation
We Need Your Help to Win The Fight

AlemFre PinkHouse Cancer Foundation (APCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Ethiopian women abroad and at home, who are burdened with financial need to access screening, diagnosis, and treatment for breast ,Cervical and other cancer. APCF is also dedicated to empower, educate and advocate for women for early detection and better cancer care

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Firehiwot Derso(FiFi) PhD, Founder

Why do we fight?

“I was determined to find a way to help other women and their families going through what I went through.”

Alemtsehay Derso

Alemtsehay Derso was a beautiful, courageous and strong young woman. Although we were separated by distance, we used to talk biweekly at the beginning of her diagnosis and daily during the last few weeks of her life. The years after her departure from this world were the saddest and darkest of my life.

A day wouldn’t pass without thinking about her, hearing her encouraging and favorite words “I am feeling good today.” Even when she was in pain, every day was a good day for her. There were times I asked myself why-why would a good spirited person like her have to suffer and die?

One night, I woke up as usual, shouting and crying out for her expecting to hear her voice again. It was that night when I told myself that continually feeling this way, wouldn’t help me nor other women with breast cancer. I decided that the best thing to do would be to be strong and pick myself up and move on with my life again. I was determined to find a way to help other women and their families going through what I did. I wanted to create a way to support them, so they don’t have to go through what I went through if or when a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer. I truly believe in communities coming together helping each other. As a result, the Alemtshay Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in January of 2012.


Some Facts About Cancer

One out of Eight

Women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime


New cases of BC and CC occur annually in Africa

1.1 Million

New cases are reported annually in Africa in both sexes
Our Mission

AlemFre PinkHouse Cancer Foundation (APCF) is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering Ethiopian women abroad and at home to overcome financial barriers and access critical care for breast, cervical, and other gynecological cancers. Through education, early detection programs, and relentless fundraising, APCF strives to improve the health and well-being of Ethiopian women battling cancer.

Our Project: The Pink House

Pink House, is a temporary shelter located in Addis Ababa & Gondar. This haven provides a safe and supportive environment for Ethiopian women undergoing cancer treatment, alleviating the burden of finding accommodation during this challenging time.